Friday, June 4, 2010

Press Release: Handfastings at the Black Mountain Celtic Fest

Year-and-a-Day Handfastings at the Celtic Festival in Black Mountain

on June 19th, 2010

For Immediate Release, June 2, 2010, Asheville, NC: Kindra Phillips of Gaia's Handfasting (
will be performing Year-and-a-Day Handfastings at the WNC Highland Celtic Festival ( being held at Pisgah Brewing Company ( in Black Mountain on June 19th, 2010.

The phrase "Tie the knot" comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting. During a typical ceremony, the couple's hands were bound with a cord as they made their promises to one another. The "year-and-a-day" mythology reads that couples were bound with a handfasting cord in a heart-binding ceremony and had a year to decide if they wished to make their coupling permanent. These days a handfasting can be performed in place of, or with a typical wedding ceremony, blending the traditional with the unique.

Handfastings will be conducted under the trees on Saturday, June 19th, starting at 11am. Kindra is providing a basic cord with ceremony and certificate starting at $35. All couples welcome regardless of age or gender. Although Kindra is an ordained minister, these unions will not be legally binding. If you wish to be legally bound at the festival please contact Kindra Phillips at 828-670-1768 ASAP to coordinate your custom ceremony in time.

Kindra and has been performing binding ceremonies and designing handfasting cords since 2005. From her online store, she has sold custom cords to customers all over the world. She designs cord styles to fit every belief and budget. Cords range from $20 and up in the hundreds depending on how elaborate a cord and the types of materials involved in creating it. Please visit: for more information about her products and services.

This is the first annual WNC Highland Celtic Festival being held at the Pisgah Brewing Company, located at 150 Eastside Drive, Black Mountain, NC. The festival will take place the weekend of June 18th & 19th.