Friday, October 3, 2008

Some of September's Custom Orders

Black, cream, gold, and blue cording are
woven together to create this beautiful cord.
The Lovers Entwined symbol at the center
brings meaning to the couple.

A wide leather strip forms the base of this
unique cord. Wrapped with burgandy, ivory,
and gold ribbon, the mother of pearl gemstone
chips add a nice touch.

Emerald, sapphire and silver cording and
ribbon woven together with elaborate
gemstone beading. Bolo tips finish the ends
and a sterling silver infinity is attached at
the center.

A black and green Celtic Jacquard ribbon
woven with green ribbon and trim with a
pewter tree of life at the center.

Five strands of ivory and cream ribbon,
cording, and trim are woven together with
sterling silver hearts along the cord.